At Shepherd SSC, we offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. 

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building assessments

Environmental Design

Safety Hazards

Locking Mechanisms

Area Vulnerabilities

system assessments

Camera Systems

Alarm/Monitoring Systems

Access Systems

Key Holders

procedural assessments

Security Integration

Safe Room Identification

Natural Disasters

Medical Emergencies

Assessments provide comprehensive reviews of your church/organization's building, systems, and procedures. Clients receive an in-depth report with an array of recommendations for implementation. Having a professional assess your church/organization is critical to the overall safety and protection of your people.

safety & Security manuals

Following assessments, clients receive a list of recommended adjustments. Should clients make any adjustments, they may choose to have their consultant “create a manual.” This would outline the building’s security features, the layout of their systems, and the church/organization's safety and security procedures.